Choice Dental Laboratory


Zirtanium™ implant abutment, patented by Choice Dental Laboratory, Inc. is the unique marriage of two metals in order to provide the best of both titanium and zirconium. Titanium is the chosen material at the screw site, where the walls are paper thin.  At the gingil level, where esthetics is most important, Zirconium is colored to match the adjacent teeth. Used with the pre-op surgical stent made by Choice Dental, our Zirtanium™ Abutment is guaranteed for the life of the patient with a 100% success rate.

12 x’s the strength (1200MPA)
Safe for children
No allergies: 100% Bio-compatible = Zero allergic reactions & Zero contaminations
Lifetime guarantee provided Choice Dental procedures are followed
Patented Fall 2008/Patent #099808