Choice Dental Laboratory





"It's been a pleasure to watch John's enthusiasm and talent grow.
For over twenty years, I've known that I can rely on his word and his work."
-Dr. Wally Heinlein, Anderson Dental Associates-
"Choice Dental Laboratory has been our "lab of choice" for 10 years. John Koziol is an extremely talented ceramist and esthetician. His artistic eye and follow-through creates an exceptionally esthetic restoration. Our crowns go in on the first try and the fit is exemplary. Choice Dental is efficient in pick-up and delivery of our cases and accommodating to any special requests. Their implant services are fantastic as well. Choice Dental stands behind their work and will remain our "lab of choice"."
- Dr. Aurel Goglin, Jr.-
"John Koziol is paassionate about his all-ceramic zirconia crowns and does an outstanding job. He is also extremely customer oriented and does a great job with his removable department. I just delivered an implant prosthesis Choice Dental worked on. It fit great and needed no adjustments. Thanks for making my job easier!"
- Dr. Campbell-

"John is a great dental technician who goes the extra mile for patients. I had one patient who was unhappy with the shade of her teeth. John came to the office, helped me explain the challenges of matching the color of the existing teeth, and then fabricated new crowns that worked.

In another case, the young woman was about to get married out in the Rockies and had an old crown on her front tooth which looked awful. John met with the patient, and he chose the tooth color and customized the staining. It was a rush with the wedding soon approaching. Everything had to be done right and in quick order. It was. The next week the bride rode a horse to the church in Colorado, and no one mentioned anything about her teeth. She was a beautiful bride with a great natural looking smile. It was not an easy task to do, but John pulled it off!""
- Dr. Dawn Dienelt, Sunshine Dental Clinic-