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About John Koziol John Richard Koziol, Jr.

John Koziol offers 27 years of experience in dental technology in the United States and commands comprehensive knowledge in all facets of restoration. John holds degrees in both Dental Technology and Metallurgy from Triton College and is an affiliate member of the Academy of General Dentistry since 2003. John is also the inventor of the latest technology in dental implant abutments, called “Zirtanium™”. This patented combination of a Zirconium & Titanium, Zirtanium™ ensures a dental implant that is both beautiful and strong enough to last a lifetime.

John’s fascination with detailed craftsmanship began at an early age when he first started building models. His skills eventually came to the attention of the U.S Navy, which asked him to fabricate a precise model of President George H.W. Bush’s TBF Avenger for display at the Glenview Naval Air Museum. John is also an avid car collector, having done much of his own restoration work on fine automobiles. His love of music also provides yet another creative outlet. John is a gifted guitarist, whose skills have earned him acclaim as the front man for the rock band, Johnny K and Tempest Rising. Rest assured that John brings the same attention to detail and artistry to the dental lab as well.

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